San Niang and Son
Lin's family is based in the ceramic capital, Shiwan, China. His family specializes in the craft of delicate figurines which uses old Chinese techniques handed down from generation to generation. These techniques cover the ceramic process from modeling and painting to firing.
  • Title     San Niang and Son
  • Artist   Nai-he Lin  
  • Origin  Ceramic Capital of China - Shiwan
  • Stand not included.

Handle with Care:
All ceramic figurines are well packaged in custom-cut styrofoam specific to the pose of the item. The fit will be quite tight to prevent damage during shipping and handling therefore care must be exercised when removing it from its protective foam. Do not use the figure's fingers and ornaments to remove but instead, use the shoulders and the base for this area is more robust.


HKD $1,200.00
Please contact us for shipping cost.