Butterfly Low Stools

Handmade low stool with flower design and openwork butterfly boarders. In traditional Chinese culture, the use of low stools was widespread and dates back to ancient times. The stool, or "duizi" in Chinese, was commonly used as a seat or a stepping stone for reaching higher places.

In Hong Kong, the use of low stools has been a part of daily life for many generations. In the past, Hong Kong was a city of immigrants, and many people lived in cramped spaces with limited seating. Low stools were therefore a practical solution for seating arrangements. They were easy to move around and could be stored away easily when not in use, making them ideal for small living spaces.
  • Each piece is unique.
  • More colours available, please contact us for details.

35.0 x 16.0 x 26.0 cm

Cleaning and Caring for Lacquered Furniture

1.  A soft damp cloth for general cleaning.
2. Use soft coaster for hot/cold drinks.
3. Avoid placing tealights directly on the furniture surface.
4. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight / UV exposure.
5. Place soft pad/felt between the surface and decorative objects.
6. Inconsistent humidity and temperature may cause changes to natural wood furniture.
7. We do not recommend using any harsh cleaning products. 


HKD $280.00

Styles Available

Light Blue

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Top View
HKD $280.00
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