Step into our showroom, where a world of Asian-inspired beauty unfolds before you. Discover a treasure trove of bronze archaistic ornaments and creatures, exquisite Beijing Cloisonné ware, timeless blue and white porcelain, ceramic statues that tell stories, alluring lampshades, graceful wooden stands, and enchanting candle holders.
Elevate your surroundings with our curated selection of home and garden decorations, including pots and statues that breathe life into your spaces. Explore our meticulously crafted furniture, designed to enhance both form and function.
And for those seeking spiritual serenity, our collection includes cleansing tools like the soothing singing bowl. With an array of Asian-inspired pieces, we invite you to craft a comfortable home and find unique gifts that resonate with your soul.

Bespoke Lamps 

Tailored to your style and needs.
Our workshop can create a unique lamp using anything from our showroom. Each piece is carefully crafted to be both functional and beautiful, resulting in stunning conversation pieces that are sure to impress.
Lamp Repair Service
We offer lamp repair services like socket replacement and rewiring. Contact us today to learn more.


Please contact us for shipping cost.