Diamond Oval Wine Container Lamps

The archaic Western Zhou ritual wine containers, known as hu, originated in the late 9th to 8th century BCE. The bronze vessel feature flattened pear-shaped bodies and flaring feet, giving them an exquisite silhouette. Additionally, they showcase intricate craftsmanship, with eight rounded relief figures enclosed within broad raised bands. The interstices are adorned with diamond-shaped bosses, while the top of the container is adorned with a band depicting cicadas.
We have repurposed these Western Zhou style ritual wine containers into functional table lamps by adding a wooden stand. They now serve as unique and captivating lighting fixtures. These lamps are available in two distinct finishes: natural verdigris, which showcases a greenish patina reminiscent of aged copper, and fire-induced blackening, which imparts a striking darkened appearance. The combination of the ancient bronze vessel with the modern wooden stand creates a stunning fusion of history and contemporary design.

  • Title   Wei
  • Lampshade and light bulb not included.
  • Choice of lampshades - mix and match.
  • 100W max, use LED for best results.
  • Your choice of UK, HK, EU, North America and Australia plug.
  • All measurements are approximate.

Upgrade Options (Indoor Use Only):

  • Dimmable light fixture.
  • Fabric covered light cord - available in a variety of colours.
  • Brass fitting.

0.0 x .0 x .0 cm
Overall Height   .0 cm (14" Empire Pleat Lampshade)

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