Horseshoe-back Ming Style Armchair

Hand carved Chinese elm horseshoe-back Ming style armchair.

Chinese round-back or horseshoe-back armchairs are considered to be more important than the traditional upright style of chair. These chairs would be reserved for important guests and are often featured in ancestral portraits.  Horseshoe-back chairs are usually sightly oversized, again indicating their importance.

  • More colors available. Made to order.

Our hand crafted furniture is made with traditional intricate and exact joinery techniques.  Natural wood grain is carefully selected to distinguish the uniqueness of it's natural beauty.
Decorations and color lacquer are applied by skillful craftsmen and each piece is unique.

Cleaning and Caring for Lacquered Furniture
1.  A soft damp cloth for general cleaning;

2. Use soft coaster for hot/cold drinks;
3. Avoid placing tealights directly on the furniture surface;
4. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight / UV exposure.
5. Place soft pad/felt between the surface and decorative objects.
6. Inconsistence humidity and temperature may cause damage to nature wood furniture.

White and light colored Lacquer
Traditional white lacquer may "yellow", this is unavoidable due to the natural ingredients of the lacquer.

HKD $2,800.00

Colors available

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