where you can discover an array of items that provide delight and solace. Our collection features a vast assortment of Asian-inspired furnishings and ornaments for your abode and outdoor space. If you have a fascination for Chinese Feng Shui, feel free to drop by and inquire about our pieces that can enhance your fortune. You wouldn't want to miss out on our bestsellers: the mesmerizing Dancing Water Dragon Bowl, where the water magically jumps upon rubbing the handles, and our enchanting Tibetan singing bowls. Come over and give them a go!
Bespoke Lamps 

Tailored to your style and needs.
Our workshop can create a unique lamp using anything from our showroom. Each piece is carefully crafted to be both functional and beautiful, resulting in stunning conversation pieces that are sure to impress.
Lamp Repair Service
We offer lamp repair services like socket replacement and rewiring. Contact us today to learn more.


Please contact us for shipping cost.